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Title Port Scanner
Operating Systems Linux and Windows XP
Port Scanner will try to connect on every port you define for a particular host. If a connection is made, it will try to read any data returned.
This product is intended for individuals to test their own equipment for weak security, and the author will take no responsibility if it is put to any other use.

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The Windows version has been withdrawn. Apologies for this, but it is too popular and uses my bandwidth up too quickly. If anyone want to host the binary for me, I will happily post a link here.
It should also be possible to compile Version 2.1 for Windows

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Change Log
  1. Feb 2005:: Version 2.1 (QT) Takes multiple port ranges. Minor bugfixes.
  2. Apr 2004:: Windows XP version. Rewritten for Windows.
  3. Jan 2003:: Version 2.0. Complete rewrite using QT instead of GTK+
  4. Sept 2000 : Version 1.1. Added name lookup so names can be used as well as IP addresses.
Portscan for WinXP - withdrawn)
Version 2.1 (Linux) portscan-2.1.tar.gz(13k)
Requirements Version 2.1: QT3.2.3 or higher, a C++ compiler (eg g++ 3.0)